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Magnetic separation is based on the difference in magnetic properties between the ore minerals and used to separate either valuable mineral from non-magnetic gangue.

This Magnetic separator   can be used in the manganese ore, carbonic acid ore, titanium ore, brown iron sand, rare earth, chromite, zirconium, monacite, garnet, hematite to eliminate impurity or eliminate iron.

Magnetic separator has large process, simple operation, low consumption, steady function, and used widely. The soil-cleaning machine is widely used to remove soil and iron for the kidney beans, beans, red beans, green beans and so on. The clarity can be reach to 99%. It is used tombthite permanent magnet as the magnetic system, so the intensity of magnet can be reach to 12000GS. It has large magnetic permeability, strong magnet and high efficiency. 

Contact person:cassie ai
Tel: 0086-371-67996871 0086-371-67996872

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